A LIBERAL Democrat councillor has expressed fears the relaxation of rules on late building work will be bad news for residents’ peace and quiet.

Cllr Allan Knox, leader of the party group on Ribble Valley Council, was alarmed at local government secretary Robert Jenrick’s decision to allow flexible working on sites which could mean construction continuing until 9pm in residential areas.

He said: “It seems outrageous that residents up and down the country, who have endured so much over the past seven weeks, will now have to put up with the background drone of construction throughout their summer evenings. If this ministerial edict is anything to go by, the future is bleak.”

Mr Jenrick’s spokesman said: “It will be up to councils to approve applications to extend working hours on construction sites and if there are reasonable grounds they will able to prevent sites from extending their hours.”

He added: “Unlocking the housing industry is critical to our economic recovery and measures to extend construction working hours will help ensure that construction sites can continue working whilst adhering to safe working practices.”