A NEW short film created to warn young people of the danger 'sexting' has been backed by a council's children's services boss.

The video spelling out the risks of teenagers image-sharing aims to open up conversations about the issue during the coronavirus crisis.

The filed 'Captured', paid for by Lancashire Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw, is now widely available online.

Jayne Ivory, Blackburn with Darwen Council’s director of children’s services, said: "It’s really important that our children and young people know that any image of yourself that you send, can and might be shared by the person you sent it to.

"If you share a ‘nude’ or ‘underwear shot’ even with someone you trust, you are not able to control who they forward it to. It can be sent on to anyone or posted anywhere on the internet.

"Sadly, these images can end up on social networking and pornography sites or even shared with paedophile networks."