A DOG has been rescued from a building after a vet issued a concern for its welfare.

Firefighters from Hyndburn fire station were called at 11:30am on May14 to assist the RSPCA and police to rescue an injured dog trapped in a building on Duckworth Street, Accrington.

The crew used a triple extension ladder, general purpose line and debris bag in the operation to release the dog and were at the scene for approximately half an hour.

The six-year-old white bulldog had eye and paw injuries and required emergency treatment after a vet contacted the RSPCA with concerns of the dog's welfare.

Police assisted the RSPCA in retrieving the dog from the scaffolding premises.

PC Dave Render said: "I was called to assist the RSPCA in collecting a dog they thought needed emergency treatment from the vets.

"The vet has seen the dog previously and wanted to take it in.

"Fire crews were called to assist us in rescuing the dog and then we drove it to the vets."