A MAN with mental health problems who had been out of trouble for 10 years threatened police officers who went to check on him after his daughter and neighbours raised concerns.

Blackburn magistrates heard Jamieson Frost told the officers he had Covid19 and would infect them and threatened to slit one officers throat.

But his solicitor, Daniel Frazer, said that was not the case although lockdown could have played a part in his client's behaviour.

Frost, 49, of Market Street, Barnoldswick, pleaded guilty to four charges of assaulting an emergency worker and was remanded on bail until June 16 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

A charge of threatening to kill his daughter was withdrawn.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said the police were called by the daughter who was concerned about her dad's welfare.

When officers arrived at his house he shouted abuse and told them not to come in. He claimed he had Covid19 and said he wanted the officers to tasar him because he didn't care about his life.

"He was abusive and aggressive and making threats of violence although no contact was made," said Mrs Yates.

Mr Frazer said his client had been out of trouble for 10 years and there was no specific cause for the latest incident.

"He has noticed a change in himself in the last three weeks and that is supported by his neighbours and his daughter," said Mr Frazer.

"Lockdown restrictions may well have had an adverse impact on him. He hadn't had a drink for some time but admits that on this day he had consumed some vodka."