FOLLOWING updated Government advice on exercising outdoors, Burnley council have made the decision to open the car parks at Towneley Park.

A statement on their website says: "We continue to follow national guidelines on the use of parks and open spaces. Children’s playgrounds, outdoor gyms, paddling pools and ball courts will remain closed because of the risks of transmitting Covid-19.

"However, we have re-opened the car parks at Towneley Park as a result of the updated advice.

"People are able to use parks and open spaces as frequently as they wish providing they maintain social distancing of two metres from people outside their household."

Meanwhile, Pendle Council have not yet made changes in relation to Barley car park for access to Pendle Hill, and it remains closed to visitors until further notice.

The council website advises people to try and stay away from the more popular tourist destinations when trying to get fresh air and exercise.