TWO young girls are designing t-shirts and selling them to make money for NHS staff working on the coronavirus frontline.

Sisters Lexi and Ellie Walsh, from Oswaldtwistle, have become known on their street as the duo selling NHS t-shirts, raising over £200 in the process.

Lexi, who is eight-years-old initially came up with the idea after seeing a picture of a t-shirt with NHS written on it on TV.

Lexi and her 13-year-old sisiter, Ellie, who is visually impaired, stand at the end of Scott Close selling the t-shirts and sell out every time.

The idea was that the street would all wear them on Thursdays when clapping together, but people on the road across also wanted to buy one after they saw them.

Lexi said: "I thought we could raise money for the NHS to make people get better quickly and help everyone. I drew rainbows on the t-shirts and they’re so popular people are even asking me to do baby-grows.”

The girls started off with one t-shirt then they bought 12 more to sell. They sold them all in an hour and sold 30 more very quickly, making £235 in total for the NHS staff.

Lexi and Ellie are also starting to make canvas bags for the NHS too, which are proving to be popular with 10 of them already sold .

Next, Lexi wants to buy hand creams to donate to the hospital.

Mum Jenna Potter said: “It is amazing what they are doing, and I am so proud of them. We have key workers living on our street too who love what the girls have done.

“It has made Lexi realise how hard NHS staff work every day, as she works to make these t-shirts.”