POLICE are appealing for information regarding motorbike and moped anti-social behaviour and thefts.

Neighbourhood police in Hyndburn arrested two people on suspicion of bike thefts and seized two motorbikes last week due to the the alleged reckless behaviour of the people riding them.

Such has been the spike in the problem, Hyndburn neighbourhood policing team has listed tackling it as a priority.

A spokesman for the team posted on Facebook: “Over the last few weeks Hyndburn NHPT has targeted both the theft of motorbikes and mopeds and the anti-social behaviour caused by those using them in the area.

“These bikes have put both the public and the riders in danger with the reckless manner in which they are ridden on and off the roads often in areas where children play. As such they are one of our current priorities with two persons being arrested for such thefts and two further bikes seized within the last week.

"As our efforts continue to target these offenders we are looking for your assistance in the matter.

“If you have any information regarding where these bikes are being kept or the names of possible offenders please contact us.

"Replies will be treated in strictest confidence and should be sent to Hyndburn.NPT@Lancashire.pnn.police.uk."