Two vehicles on false plates have been seized by police after one officer spotted a 'futuristic' mistake in the reg number.

On Saturday evening, officers from the Tac Ops team were responding to reports of suspicious behaviour in the Knuzden area.

On investigation, they found a Fiat Ducato and a right-hand drive Honda HR-V, both on false plates.

One of the vehicles appeared to be displaying a registration number not yet legally issued.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Tac Ops patrols had the privilege of meeting some time travellers overnight.

"Following a report of suspicious behaviour, officers attended the Knuzden area where they found a Fiat Ducato van, seemingly from four years in the future, and a right-hand drive Honda HR-V on Romanian plates.

"As it turned out, both vehicles had their plates swapped in an attempt to evade detection for various motoring offences.

"Both vehicles were seized and the drivers dealt with for a number of offences.

"Those sorts of shenanigans won’t McFly with us."