A man was sent packing by police after travelling to Pendle Hill to partake in a spot of paragliding.

Frustrated officers confronted the extreme sports fan on Saturday afternoon, and told him even though being 100 feet in the air constituted as socially distancing, it wasn't the best decision he could've made considering the country is still in lockdown.

They also informed the man that travelling to the East Lancashire beauty spot - popular with hikers and dog walkers - all the way from Manchester wasn't really deemed to be a necessary journey.

A spokesperson for the Ribble Valley police said: "Excercise? Reasonable? Necessary?

"Travelling from the Manchester area to paraglide from Pendle Hill during a lockdown..

"Having to engage, explain, and encourage in order for them to appreciate that they may not have made the best decision can be frustrating.

"Being over 100ft in the air may be socially distancing, but should the worst happen what effect might that have on the emergency services?

"The person was suitably advised and directed toward home."