A MAN who poured petrol over his former girlfriend’s dog and threatened to firebomb the bedsit in which they were staying has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard how Joshua Colin James Henry had been in a relationship with victim Chantelle Fitzpatrick for six months and the pair had been living together at a property in Hollingreave Road, Burnley at the time of the offence on August 7.

Prosecuting, Karen Brooks said that also living in the bedsit at that time was Ms Fitzpatrick’s friend Dana Brown.

On the evening of August 6, Ms Fitzpatrick and Ms Brown had been socialising at another friend’s house.

The court heard that there had been various texts exchanged between Henry and Ms Fitzpatrick in which the defendant became abusive and eventually wrote: “We’re done.”

Henry also made abusive comments about Ms Fitzpatrick’s dog.

Fearful for her dog and further arguments, Ms Fitzpatrick only returned to the bedsit with Ms Brown at 5.30am on August 7.

Ms Fitzpatrick began collecting her belongings and the defendant fell asleep, but was then awoken shortly after by the victim’s phone buzzing.

Ms Brooks said there was a verbal exchange between Henry and Ms Fitzpatrick, followed by the defendant throwing an ashtray which hit a mirror on the other side of the room.

He then threatened to smash a TV over Ms Fitzpatrick’s head.

Henry picked up a plastic container full of petrol and unscrewed the cap.

Ms Brooks said: “Chantelle could immediately tell from the smell that it was petrol and the defendant then began to throw the petrol around the bedsit room.

"He began to pour it over her clothing and then over her friend Dana’s property, before pouring it onto a mattress, TV and extension lead.

“She was extremely distressed by this and asked what he was doing. He replied, ‘it’s petrol. I’m going to blow you up and everyone else in here as well’.

“On emptying the contents of the first container, the defendant then picked up a second container and began to throw the contents around the room.

"This included on Chantelle’s dog which was sat on the mattress and he stated that he was going to set the dog on fire.”

Henry also threatened to lock Ms Fitzpatrick and Ms Brown in the room and set fire to it.

Ms Brooks said that while holding the second container Henry was flicking the top of a lighter and made reference to how “it would only take a second to drop it.”

When Ms Fitzpatrick and Ms Brown tried to leave, Henry grabbed hold of the door to stop them escaping.

They were eventually allowed to leave after the police had been called and other residents in the bedsit intervened.

As Ms Fitzpatrick ran down the stairs, Henry threw a large black speaker at her which connected with her left shoulder.

Mr Brooks said the property damaged in the flat were the only things that Ms Fitzpatrick owned and included a child’s first teddy bear and a candle from her deceased grandfather.

Henry was arrested for those offences, and while on bail and staying with a friend named Alan Maher in Bacup on January 24, he sent him a text threatening to burn the house down.

Henry, of Brunswick Terrace, Bacup, pleaded guilty to making threats to damage property in a way that he knew was likely to endanger the life of another, assault by beating and criminal damage.

Defending, Philip Holden said his client had suffered abuse as a child and had a number of problems.

Sentencing Henry to eight months in custody, Judge Sara Dodd said: “It is clear to me that at the time of these two incidents you were not very well mentally.”