A MAN was left shocked, disgusted and embarrassed after a postman threw letters and a parcel at him, breaking a glass item inside.

The 33-year-old engineer from Great Harwood, who did not wish to be named, said the item, which was an anniversary gift from his partner, smashed on the floor, and he was left to pick up the rest of his post after the Royal Mail man walked off.

He said: “It was Tuesday afternoon and I went to open the door and the postman was a bit shirty with me and said something about social distancing.

“I don’t know why but then he just threw the letters and my parcel at me.

“One of them was an early anniversary gift from my partner and had glass in it, and it got broken.

“I was a bit shocked to be honest, it’s not something you usually expect from a postman.”

The man, who is classed as a key worker and is responding to emergency call-outs from his employer, said he understands that postmen have to abide by social distancing guidelines, but there was no need for the Royal Mail official to launch his post at him.

He added: “I was disgusted and shocked, is this what the Covid-19 virus has turned people into?

“It was just rude and arrogant. He could’ve just left it on the step instead of chucking my post at me.

“It was embarrassing as well having to go outside to pick my mail up from the floor.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We expect the highest standards of behaviour from our people at all times.

“We are looking into this incident.”