A CARE home rated ‘good’ at a 2017 inspection by the Care Quality Commission has been downgraded and told to improve after it was found to have breached regulations.

Dixon House residential care home in Blackburn, which provides personal care and support for up to 11 people with learning disabilities, was given a ‘requires improvement’ rating after inspectors found several shortfalls in the way the service was run.

This included problems with out-of-date equipment and fittings, issues with a moving and handling hoist, and breaches in medicine management.

The CQC report stated: “At this inspection we have identified breaches in relation to risks to people’s health, safety and wellbeing and monitoring and oversight of the service.

“Maintenance and safety checks on the fittings and equipment were out of date.

“A moving and handling hoist could not be used to provide safe support, and some risks had not been properly assessed.

“Staff alarm call systems were not provided to support people with mobility needs and there was a lack of health and safety risk assessments and maintenance management plans.

“People said they felt safe at the service, but we found the provider had not ensured people were provided with a safe environment and some risks had not been properly assessed and managed.

“We found some shortfalls with the support people received with medicines and made a recommendation about the management of medicines.”

During the inspection it was also found that proper attention to overseeing the service and checking people were receiving safe and effective care was not being provided.

This was put down to a change in management and leadership, which had an influence on the day-to-day running of the care home.

CQC inspectors noted that despite a registered manager being responsible for the running of the service, they had been absent and had not been working on a full-time basis.

“Bosses at the care home commenced action to make improvements to mitigate risks during the inspection and the CQC received further assurances of progress following the inspection.”

Dixon House were contacted but haven't responded.