THREE artists have created a video thanking all key workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The touching tribute has already touched over 7,000 people within a few days, with over 2000 views on YouTube.

Alex Jupiter originally from Burnley teamed up with Lewis Anthony Davis and Christopher Andreou to create the video set to their cover of Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel.

Using Zoom, Whatsapp and the limited equipment the team had with them during lockdown, they worked into the night editing the video together remotely.

Mr Jupiter said: “I found myself on my daily walks as the lockdown began and this song kept resonating in my head with its soothing chorus and amazing lyrics.

“I’d always wanted to cover it, but the motivation came from realising that it would be such a beautiful way to thank our keyworkers while spreading some hope, comfort and inspiration to them.

“The whole project has been such a joy to work on and opened our eyes to new ways of working.”

The trio took to social media to ask for photos and videos of key workers at their jobs and the current daily lives of loved ones at home.

An overwhelming 200 submissions were submitted from nurses, store workers, patients and their loved ones from all around the UK.

Mr Jupiter said: “When the images started rolling in we were all blown away at how moving they were.

“Along with all the cute clips of children with their rainbows we had some really powerful pictures of medical professionals taken at work.

“Although they must have been exhausted it was clear they were supporting each other and finding the stamina to power through with a smile.”

The trio’s biggest challenge was getting the right footage of Mr Jupiter performing the song.

With not enough light in the flat and the wrong camera angle, he was forced to bring every lamp into the hallway, balance some of them on chairs and perch a phone camera on top of it all.

Mr Jupiter added: “My friends gave me feedback and some ideas to try over WhatsApp.

“I did about 15 takes before we got the right one, it would have been so much easier if they were there with me.”

The goal of the project was the sole purpose of getting many key workers to see it as possible.

Initially the tribute was launched as part a local talent competition on Facebook with a large social media audience to gain traction.