A PAIR of women have cooked up a food delivery scheme that is helping vulnerable people during the coronavirus lockdown.

Jess Lomas and Claire McGlone have adapted their catering business into a meals service, delivering dozens of nutritious meals across Earby and Barnoldswick twice a week.

Ms Lomas said: “When the lockdown started, we were worried for our business and for the people that came to our luncheon club, because for some of them they were the only hot meals they had in a week.

“So, we decided that we would make the food and deliver them to our regulars - a lot of our regulars might be self-isolating for 12 weeks so they need the help and a friendly face.”

Before transforming into a food delivery service, the pair had their buffet and cake-baking business Just Ask Jess, as well as managing the Earby Luncheon Club, which they helped save in 2015. Around 30 people attended the club before the lockdown, but they say demand for meals has doubled since people were told to stay at home.

On the pair’s success, Ms Lomas added: “Word soon got around and we had a lot more requests for meals, so we’ve had to ramp up our operation to ensure we are able to meet demand.

“We had one chap who was self-employed but was struggling to get food so we have been able to support him.

“A lot of people don’t have families, or their loved ones live away, so it provides piece of mind as well as food and a friendly face.

“We try and help as many people as we can and even though it’s exhausting, it’s fantastic.”