A 22-year-old primary school teacher who 'lit up the room' died on a stretch of the Grane Road after losing control of her car due to poor weather conditions and under-inflated tyres.

Megan Louise Byrne, from Blackburn, was pronounced dead at the scene, after her yellow Mini crashed into a white Audi Q3 on Elton Road, Belthorn, on February 20.

At an inquest hearing in Preston, Coroner James Newman told the court that Megan, who lived on Preston Old Road sustained traumatic head injuries during the crash, which saw her car leave the carriageway, roll down an embankment and land in a field.

Mr Newman said: "At around 10.30am on February 20, a yellow mini, driven by Megan, was travelling from Haslingden towards Blackburn.

"As she negotiated a left hand bend she lost control and went over the other side of the road and collided with an Audi which was travelling in the opposite direction.

"The Mini then left the road and ended up in a field.

"The weather conditions were poor, it was raining with high winds and the road was wet."

A collision investigation report found that the two offside tyres on Megan's Mini had air leaks, with one having a PSI of 15, the other having no recordable pressure in it at all.

Mr Newman said: "Due to the nature of the tyres, which were run flat tyres, it wouldn't have been possible to tell if they were under-inflated on a visual inspection.

"As she goes round the bend, because the tyres were under-inflated it reduced the amount of grip available.

"The inference was that whilst cornering this had caused an oversteer which could not be corrected, which led to her losing control and the vehicle travelling into the path of an Audi driven by Heather Pinn, who had insufficient time to take action.

"Her car left the road and she received catastrophic, fatal head injuries. Her death was therefore due to an RTC (road traffic collision)."

Upon hearing of the inquest conclusion into their daughter's death, Megan's family issued this statement: "With the findings of the coroner giving a verdict of a fatal vehicle collision causing 'traumatic head injuries' we accept this verdict.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the emergency services involved in the case.

"Especially the police investigation team, but mostly the family liaison officer PC Tim Taylor. He has shown great professionalism and such wonderful compassion. 

"As a family, we are totally devastated by the loss of our wonderful, beautiful, incredible Megan on what was the worst day of our lives.

"If there is anything positive that can come out of this harrowing time it would be that improved traffic calming measures could be implemented or design change/removal of this bend on this notorious stretch of road.

"Two fatal crashes and one crash resulting in a lady left in a wheelchair surely justifies this.

"Our hope is that Highways UK can make satisfactory improvements.

"We would also like to be involved in any police campaign to ensure all drivers check their tyre pressures and tyre condition prior to commencing any journey.

"Please respect the privacy of all family and friends at this time."

Following her death, Megan’s parents Joanne and John Byrne, paid tribute to her.

In a joint statement, they said: "On Thursday 20 February 2020 sadly our beautiful daughter Megan Louise Byrne was taken away.

"She will be remembered firstly as a loving and loyal beautiful woman with an exciting wonderful life ahead of her such as her teaching career which she loved and was so dedicated to and meeting the love of her life, Martyn, with whom she was at her happiest.

"Megan lit up the room and blessed so many with her light without knowing it.

"She was loved by everyone she came in to contact with.

"Our lives will never be the same again as a shining star she leaves the earth and brightens up the heavens.

"Night night our perfect precious princess, rest in peace."

Megan's brother Josh said: "Life is going to be very different from now on, but it’s important that you are remembered although you will definitely never be forgotten.

"Rest in peace Megan, I loved you so much, Josh."