RIBBLE Valley MP Nigel Evans has launched an attack on 'disgusting' litter louts throwing rubbish on the countryside of the borough.

The House of Commons deputy speaker collected a binbag full while walking from his Pendleton home on the old road into Clitheroe and a supermarket carrier from his cottage along the road from Sabden to the A59.

He said: "Since the lockdown I have been walking much more trying to keep my fitness up and it has been very noticeable how much litter is strewn onto the streets and in the open countryside.

"It is nothing short of disgusting.

"I have taken to donning a pair of gloves and a rubbish bag or carrier and picking up what I can.

"There is so much litter that you don't have to walk far before the bag is full.

"Typical items are plastic water or fizzy drink bottles, sandwich cartons, discarded lottery tickets, glass bottles, sweet and crisp wrappers, empty medicine packets, take away cartons and coffee cups and beer and soft drink cans.

"One thing did surprise me and that was a small number of dog walkers put their dog poo in a black plastic bag and then discard it on the grass verges.

"There is simply no excuse for it.

"We have a fantastic countryside which is being scarred by a small minority who don't think twice about trashing it for everyone else.

"The litter thugs are ruining our countryside, and towns and villages and its time it stopped."