A LITTLE boy’s obsession with horses and ponies has led him on a fundraising mission to help stabilize a sanctuary’s financial future.

Four-year-old Henry Bird’s love for his four-legged friends began while he was on holiday with his family in Wales, after he visited a farm and saw a horse for the first time, aged two.

Ever since, mum Kim Bird said her son has been besotted by horses and ponies, turning into a walking, talking encyclopedia of equestrian knowledge.

Kim said: “We decided to visit Only Foals and Horses in Oswaldtwistle so that we could show Henry the horses and ponies and ended up coming home having sponsored a little Shetland called Trigger. Henry was only upset when he realised we couldn’t bring him home!

“Ever since the first time he saw a horse he’s just become totally obsessed. All of his toys are horses and ponies, its all he talks about and he’s sure he wants to either own a horse farm or be a farrier when he is older.”

The family now visit the sanctuary regularly, taking the 40 minute drive from Warrington to East Lancashire so Henry can see all of his equine friends.

Last week the family received a letter from the rescue centre urging them to help if they could as they go through severe financial hardship during the coronavirus crisis.

Kim said: “As soon as Henry saw the letter he told me he wanted to help and we had a talk about what we could do.

“He said he wanted to use his ‘little legs’ to go on a sponsored walk to try and raise some money for us to send to them, to help them out, so that’s what we’ve done.

“We’ve planned a four mile route and hope people will get behind us to support the sanctuary.”

Lynn Moir of Only Foals and Horses said Henry was a regular at the Oswaldtwistle stables and urged people to get behind him.

You can sponsor Henry by visiting www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/henryshorsepage