AN OSWALDTWISTLE videographer is aiming to create positive snapshots of his town during the coronavirus crisis in his latest video.

Mark Cooper came up with the idea of capturing the countryside at its best and posted the video on the mcmediaandfilm Facebook page.

The 44-year-old said: “There has been so much doom and gloom every time you put on the TV, with lots of negative things.

“It is something I wanted to do for some time even before lockdown but I felt it was a good time to do something now.

“With people staying at home, you can hear things different like nature, there are more clear blue skies and the air is cleaner with no pollution. There were no trucks or planes in the sky so I could enjoy it.

“I had seen something from Philip Bloom on Sky News and I am very proud of where I live as it is very rural so I wanted to both capture nature and listen to it.

“I could have used some sound software but it was all so natural with the birds tweeting, and water flowing and general sounds.

“This was all done on a walk and I tried to put a bit of humour into it by talking to the camera and getting it to move to different places.

“I think it is easy to forget important things in history and this is one of them.

“This has not just affected one country but the whole world.

“Hopefully things like this will help people.

“I wanted to put across that whilst people are at home, they can sensibly enjoy their neighbourhood whilst on a walk and take advantage of the weather during lockdown.

“I have been using the time to come up with ideas as I normally shoot events and music recordings and weddings.”