A BABY girl who won the heart of the nation ­— and the world ­— in her fight against coronavirus has made a full recovery from the illness.

Mum Emma Bates found out yesterday her daughter, Erin's test result for covid-19 had come back negative ­— less than two weeks after the little fighter was diagnosed with the virus.

Emma, who is constantly by her daughter's bedside, said: "The test was done on Wednesday so I was expecting the result on Friday.

"They decided to test Erin earlier than the full two weeks because she was doing really well.

"When I found out I did a victory dance with the nurses. Erin was laughing and smiling, she is such a little fighter ­— and character.

"We are so proud."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Little Erin was born in October and in just six short months has survived open heart surgery, battled respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) before finding herself facing a fight against the deadly coronavirus, after testing positive on Friday, April 10. And she was hooked up to a continuous positive airway pressure machine to supply oxygen to her body,

Nurses and doctors on Alder Hey Hospital's Hi h Dependency Unit formed a guard of honour and clapped and cheered as Erin was moved from isolation to another ward to continue her recovery and treatment.

Emma said: "Everyone on the ward was so made up by her recovery from the virus, they have formed such a lovely bond with Erin.

"When we came out into the corridor they were all there clapping and I did cry."

Coronavirus restrictions means that dad Wayne, who is from Burnley, is unable to visit his daughter in hospital, but thanks to modern technology has been able to see her and speak to his wife on a regular basis.

"I have been in the same room with Erin since she was diagnosed, if I was to have left the room I wouldn't have been able to go back in," said Emma, "There was no way I was going to do that.

"It has been heartbreaking for Wayne not to be here, but we are in touch daily and he can see her. It has been hard because no one is allowed to give you a hug because of safety precautions."

She added: "The staff at the hospital have been absolutely amazing."

Emma said: "It has been a roller coaster because Erin has been poorly and there have been up and downs but she has been amazing."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The 29-year-old said she had received so much support from people from home and abroad after the couple shared Erin's story in a plea for people to stay home, stay safe and keep others safe during the pandemic.

"One day a nurse knocked on the door and she had gifts and cards from people all over the world, people I had never met who wanted to send their best wishes to Erin," said Emma, "We had cards from little girls called Erin because they had seen my daughter on the news. I did shed a tear reading them. The support from people really did help."

Little Erin is expected to be in hospital for some time with Emma marking her 30th birthday in June by her daughter's side as she grows bigger and stronger to overcome the other conditions she has.

To help Emma focus solely on Erin ­— who has been in hospital since she was nine-weeks-old ­—and alleviate financial stresses, a friend has set up a fundraising page for people to make donations to support the family as Emma's maternity pay has now come to an end.

Dad Wayne has gone back to work but the family only have one wage coming in

Emma said: "There is nothing for parents who have poorly children, and so many people have donated. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive."

To support the family visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-to-keep-the-bates-family-together