A COUNTY councillor has asked police to investigate youths racing old bangers on a wide residential street.

Oswaldtwistle Tory Cllr Peter Britcliffe fears that ‘boy racers’ burning rubber on Blackburn Road in the town’s West End are a tragedy waiting to happen.

He has been contacted by worried residents and has alerted local police chiefs to the problem.

Cllr Britcliffe’s concern is just the latest report of youths causing nuisance in Hyndburn borough with both two and four-wheeled vehicles.

Cllr Britcliffe said: “The empty roads, especially in the evening, seem to be attracting the boy racers around the borough of Hyndburn.

“In Oswaldtwistle there is a particular problem at Blackburn Road in the West End and residents are very concerned

"Residents fear it's a tragedy waiting to happen as well as a noisy nuisance.

A police spokesman said: “We not aware of this problem but we will keep an eye on it."