EAST Lancashire residents have been warned of a Bitcoin fraudster after a Clitheroe householder was contacted on the phone.

Bogus gas men, rogue workmen and gardeners are also taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown.

Lancashire County Council's trading standards boss and Ribble Valley North-East ward's Cllr Albert Atkinson said: "There's no limit to what these rogue traders will do, whether it's posing as gasman or charging you a fortune for small or badly done repairs.

"You don't have to buy anything from a cold-caller who knocks on your door. Our advice is to always say no and do your research.

"Never give your bank details to any of these scammers online or over the phone. "

A Clitheroe resident who had paid out £18,000 for a Bitcoin investment over three years ago received a telephone call from a bogus company.

The caller claimed they had been ordered by the bank to refund her money and needed her account details and a payment of £2,000.

The county council Trading Standards department has received several reports of rogue traders overcharging for repairs. In Fleetwood, a lady agreed to groundworks and fencing but was charged £12,000 which was excessive for the work carried out.

A woman in her 80s received a flyer offering gardening services. The traders arrived at her house within 10 minute and after an hours work charged her £750 for cutting back a conifer.

A householder near Blackpool received a knock on her door from a man claiming to work for the gas board stating it had shown up on their computer that she had a leak. She had recently had a legitimate gas repairman out. The bogus caller looked at the meter but called his 'boss' on the telephone who told her she would have to pay to have a tree outside her house trimmed down -something no utility provider would do.

One telephone scam involves callers offering warranties for white goods.