VANDALS defaced a number of cars by scrawling coronavirus and covid-19 on them in black marker pen.

Police say the 'acts of vandalism have no place in the Ribble Valley' and are appealing for information.

The cars were believed to have been targeted between Friday evening and the early hours of Saturday morning, in Henthorn Road.

Vandals wrote various words including ‘coronavirus’, ‘’ and ‘follow me’ on around six vehicles in the area.

David Taylor, of Henthorn Road, believes his own car was not written on, as it is black, but his partner’s Vauxhall Insignia was targeted.

The engineer for Royal Mail said: “I was contacted by a friend saying I should go and check my car as there were reports of others having been vandalised. My partner was scared that we may have been watched and that they were targeting cars that were being used.”

The engineer said he was going to put up a security camera due to the incident.

He said: “I was upset that someone would do this.

“Clitheroe is normally a safe area, but I feel like I can’t have things in the open without the risk of it getting damaged now.”

Sports therapist Ann-Marie Cattermole-Williams found the words ‘covid-19’ scrawled on the bonnet of her car along with several other neighbours' cars.

Mrs Williams said: “I was annoyed and confused why they would do that, it seemed to be a website so I wondered if it was a message they wanted to get out, but I don’t think it was. I think just some people being stupid really.

“We have a locked drive but unfortunately that night we had set up the trailer tent to air it for the summer so had removed the cars. My husband’s van was targeted too, we have them on the drive again now.”

Mrs Williams uses her car as a volunteer for the council during the lockdown period and also drives a patient to hospital for dialysis treatment three times a week.

She said: “Maybe it was kids bored and being stupid, but it could lead to worse things as people are getting fed up with the lockdown, I feel crime is on the rise in some ways.”

A police spokesman said: “We have received a number of reports about residents’ vehicles being damaged within the general area of Henthorn in Clitheroe. These mindless acts of vandalism have no place in the Ribble Valley and the Local Policing Team are making enquiries to identify those responsible. If anybody has any information about these incidents please contact the team at"