RETIRED motorcycle racing legend Carl Fogarty said he had recovered from coronavirus symptoms but warned it took three weeks.

Earlier this month he revealed that he and Michaela, 53, were struck down on March 22 with with high temperatures, aches and shivers and difficulty breathing.

But now Mr Fogarty, the four time World Superbike champion and 2014 TV 'King of the Jungle', is finally fully fit again.

The 54-year-old said rest at his Mellor family home had been the only answer to the Covid-19 virus.

Mr Fogarty, know to fans as 'Foggy' said: "We're fine now but it has taken full three weeks to get over it.

"I wouldn't want it again.

"Michaela has worse breathing problems than I did but she's gone for her first jog since she started showing symptoms.

"With me it was the headaches that were the worst.

"I just couldn't do anything.

"I'm one of those people who hates doing nothing but when I felt a bit better and did anything I just felt dreadful again.

"The only answer is total rest and relaxation and drinking lots of fluid.

"Last weekend I felt ok and decided to jet wash the patio and then felt really tired and strange and had to rest all over again.

"My daughters - Claudia,25, and Danielle, 28 - has mild symptoms but shook them off in a couple of days.

"If you get real breathing problems and end up in hospital on a ventilator it is in the lap of the Gods.

"I haven't had a test as there are more important people like NHS and other key workers who need them more.

"But at some point I'd like to have one jut to confirm I have had it.

"I and Michaela definitely had most of the symptoms,

""It was really unpleasant."