Firefighters attended yet another wildfire on Friday afternoon, raising fears that calls to stop deliberate fire-setting is falling on deaf ears.

Crews from Burnley and Bacup fire stations, as well as the fire service drone, attended the blaze on the moor close to Crown Point in Burnley.

This picture, taken by the drone, shows the extent of the scorching on the ground, which affected about three hectares of land.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "Bacup and Burnley attended another wildfire on the moor this afternoon.

"Please if you're taking your exercise in the beautiful open spaces of Lancashire don't take a lighter with you, there really is no need."

The incident, which is thought to be deliberate, comes just days after Padiham and Bacup crews were called to a similar fire in the same area.

And later on Friday evening, around 5.40pm, crews from Burnley were called to Deer Park Road close to Towneley Hall.

The spokesperson continued: "We were called by the police as the park ranger had spotted some kids in the area.

"They were seen running from the park just as a piece of land measuring around 10m x 5m set on fire.

"It seems that people just aren't listening and aren't following social distance guidelines.

"They're still gathering and congregating, lighting BBQs and what not.

"The need to realise, it's not just themselves they're putting at risk by lighting these fires, it everyone else as well."