A GROUNDS-KEEPER thanked the NHS by painting on the grass.

Phil Isherwood from Clitheroe wanted to thank the NHS in his own way for their work on the front line.

The Lancashire based turf care specialist used a robot to mark the words 'To NHS staff, Thank You'.

Mr Isherwood maintains the grounds for Clitheroe Rugby team, and is still allowed to complete his work.

He said: "I just wanted to something nice to thank the NHS.

"They do amazing work and they deserve the recognition and applause they are getting.

"So, I just want to say thank you for working on the front line and helping save lives.

"In these extraordinary times, for the amazing and difficult work you are doing on the front lines to protect our country and save lives.

"From the bottom of mine, my families and all of Clitheroe Rugby Club's hearts, we wanted to show you and to say thank you."

The Phil Isherwood turf care company established over 15 years ago, look after a variety of sports pitches, as well as undertaking private gardening and commercial land maintenance.

Mr Isherwood has also been involved in maintenance with Twickenham Stadium in the past.