FURTHER calls for ‘serious’ action to be taken on a busy stretch of road dubbed a ‘racetrack’ by locals have been made after three parked cars were damaged in an incident.

A Volkswagen Golf, a Beetle and a Fiat Tipo all parked on Colne Road in Brierfield were badly damaged after a car travelling along the road hit them on Monday at around 8pm.

The incident has prompted one of the car owners to speak out about safety along the road, however local councillors have admitted they are at a ‘dead-end’ when it comes to how much more they can do.

Colne Road resident Richard Morris was at home when the incident took place and said his car, a red Volkswagen Beetle, has been written-off in the crash.

He said: “It really is like a racetrack outside and the council are reluctant to have a speed camera on this stretch.

“My dad, whose car was also damaged in the incident, assists with the local foodbank and has temporarily been left without a car.

“Speeding along this stretch of road is an awful problem that persistently occurs. Traffic calming measures need to be implemented to make speeding impossible here.

“Whether that be in the form of cameras or road narrowing methods, something needs to be done and it needs to stop now.”

However ward councillor Naeem Hussain Ashraf said he and his colleagues have been working tirelessly for years to bring this issue to the attention of the police and Lancashire County Council, yet their pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.

He said: “As local councillors we have spent so much time pleading with LCC and the police to take action, yet little is ever done about it. I feel like we are at a bit of a dead-end in terms of the power we have to ensure action is taken. It really is a scary situation.”

No serious injuries were sustained by the driver and no arrests have been made.