Firefighters have issued a household with advice after a deep fat fryer set a pair of curtains alight.

Crews from Blackburn fire station attended an incident in Westwood Court at around 6pm on Monday.

On arrival, they found a deep fat fryer, which was being used in the kitchen of the semi-detached property, had set a pair of curtains alight.

Luckily, the fire had been extinguished by the residents of the property, who used a damp towel to smother the flames.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "The occupants had smothered the fire with a wet towel after the smoke alarm alerted them to the incident.

"There were four adults in the property but no-one was injured as a result.

"We believe the deep fat fryer was positioned too close to the curtains and we have offered the householders advice on the positioning of such items.

"We will hopefully be returning to the property to provide them with some more guidance and a follow up.

"To the general public, our advice would be this - don't leave the kitchen while cooking, and check your smoke alarms are working, as this is what essentially saved this from escalating into a larger scale incident."