A POLICE officer was hit by a car while on foot patrol yesterday.

The officer, a member of the Pendle neighbourhood policing team taskforce, was in Southfield Street, when he and his colleagues came across a car which they believed may have been involved in drug-dealing.

When the team went to speak to the driver, the car was deliberately driven at them.

The officer was knocked to the ground, although is said to have only suffered cuts and bruises.

The car was then driven away from the scene.

A Nelson Neighbourhood Policing Team spokesman said: "A short time later both the driver and vehicle have been located and offender arrested. On arrest offender was also found in possession of a quantity of drugs and upon further inspection of the vehicle checks revealed that the vehicle in question had been displaying false plates.

"Thankfully we can say that officer is safe and well and has sustained minor injuries as a result."

The driver of the vehicle was arrested on suspicion of assault, motoring and drug-dealing offences. They remain in custody this morning.

Insp Scott Boast Tweeted: "Last night whilst making enquiries a member of the @PendlePolice Taskforce was purposely driven at and knocked over.

"Undeterred by what fortunately transpired to be minor injuries the team set about looking for the suspect.

"Two hours later and the suspect having been located was arrested for driving offences, assault and offences relating to the supply of drugs.

"This was another example of our team continuing to target those involved in criminality in our communities."