A THOUGHTFUL four-year-old who wanted to ensure doctors, nurses and paramedics on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus each had an Easter egg next Sunday has become a social media sensation.

Simone Baker, 29, from Darwen, said her son, Kelvin junior, wanted to do something nice for the key workers at Royal Blackburn Hospital after hearing that they might not get a chocolate treat over the Easter holidays.

Kelvin junior saved up his pocket money and with the help of his mum, who put out am appeal for people to donate Easter Eggs, managed to drop 200 off at the hospital on Friday as a special thank you to the NHS staff.



Simone said she is immensely proud of her son, who lost his father, also called Kelvin, in a tragic early morning car crash in December.

Simone, who works as a health care assistant at Royal Blackburn, said: “It all started because I was explaining that because of the virus we wouldn’t really be able to do anything for Easter, which led me to explaining that only doctors nurses and paramedics and key workers are really allowed to go out to work. Then he asked would they get an Easter? I said probably not. So he said what no Easter Eggs? Then he said we could give them one.

“I told him I would give him money to buy some Easter Eggs, and then I put a post on Facebook to tell people his plan and asked that if anyone would like to help him give something back to the NHS workers they could donate Easter Eggs.

“Due to the virus and people self-isolating it was difficult for people to get the eggs to us so they started sending me money to my PayPal account to buy them myself. Together with the money I had given him and the donations from social media he raised nearly £150, so we went to Asda and bought 200 Easter Eggs.

“I just felt so proud of him for even thinking about whether they would have an Easter or not. I couldn’t believe a four-year-old could be so kind, “The paramedics and nurses were blown away when we turned up and explained what he had done. They said he had actually brought smiles and laughter to them at a time when they were obviously stressed.

“They took lots of pictures and videos with him and then even let him play in the ambulance beeping the horn and flashing the lights and sirens “I am so proud of him. He just takes everything in his stride. He’s had the biggest loss a child could have – losing his daddy – and has had a pretty hard time since too. Our well-needed holiday was cancelled a few weeks ago due to the virus. It’s his birthday next week and his party has been cancelled too because of it. Yet he still remain so positive and happy. He’s just ace.”

After meeting Kelvin junior, paramedic Tony Dunn posted on Facebook: “This is why we do our job. Meet Kelvin Baker, aged four. Kelvin turned up at the Royal Blackburn Hospital today with six, yes six, bags full of Easter Eggs. What a fantastic gesture, I thought. However, when you hear the back-story, I honestly can say I cried. Last December, little Kelvin sadly lost his daddy also called Kelvin in an RTC. Since that day Kelvin Jnr has been saving his pocket money together with some public donations, in order to treat the hospital medical staff and ambulance staff who tried in vain to save his daddy’s life. This little man makes me so proud of working for the NHS. Let’s make this little man famous.”