A NURSE has had her car stolen from outside her home for the second time in the space of two weeks.

Donna Louise Walsh, who works at Burnley General Hospital, woke up this morning to find the black Ford Focus had gone from outside her home in Pleckgate Road, Blackburn.

Mrs Walsh, 50, and her husband Craig, who are both classed as key workers, had only recently beefed up security on the vehicle after it was first stolen on March 18.

Following a social media appeal the vehicle was found in the Daisyfield area of the town the following day and returned to the couple, who have two children.

Launching a fresh appeal for help, Mr Walsh, 57, said the latest theft has particularly angered him because it happened during a period when the nation is supposed to be adhering to the Government's coronavirus lockdown guidelines.

Mr Walsh, who works at Berry Superfos at Guide, said: "Donna is heartbroken. We are being told to respect our NHS frontline workers but these scrotes don’t listen. They continue to go out and steal cars from people who are trying to keep our once proud country going.

"I accept that they probably didn't know it was a nurse's car but it's not the point. The main thing is they shouldn't be out at night. They're not just stealing cars, they're putting people's lives in danger. We are all staying in to try and stop coronavirus from spreading and these people are out pinching cars.

"It's also wasting the police's time because instead of being out patrolling and making sure people are staying indoors and following the Government's advice, they will be having to try and find these individuals."

Mr Walsh said he has been using his son's car while he is completing his pilot's training in America. He said his wife will now be able to use that vehicle instead to get to and from her shifts, but that will leave him without a vehicle.

Any witnesses or anybody who sees the car is asked to call police on 101, quoting log LC-20200404-0237.