A group of young farmers in East Lancashire have been spreading some toilet humour to help flush away all the negativity surrounding the coronavirus crisis.

Members of Pendle Young Farmers created a hilarious video by cleverly editing together clips of group members throwing a toilet roll between them through different farming locations.

Dubbed the Toilet Roll Challenge, the craze sees people 'passing' toilet roll between each other in a creative way, and has gone viral online, with groups from across the country taking part.

Secretary of Pendle Young Farmers, Katy Hargreaves, 19, said: "We're all farmers from all around Pendle and we are coping the best we can with the lock down.

"Farming still goes on despite the situation - there are still lambs being born, cows to be milked, chickens laying eggs and unlike the rest of the country, animals don’t stop."

Miss Hargreaves, a customer technician for a water company, lives on a sheep farm in Barley and helps out there whenever she's needed.

All the youngsters in the video are either part of Pendle Young Farmers, or family members, and created the video to put a smile on people's faces while raising awareness of the people who are continuing to feed the nation during the Covid-19 crisis.

She added: "We created this video to thank all the farmers for their hard work at this time.

"We also want to remind walkers to stay safe, and remember that every gate they touch a farmer has to touch too.

"So stay home and stay safe so the key workers can safely do their jobs."