FOOD parcels containing vital supplies are being delivered to some of Blackburn’s most vulnerable residents during the coronavirus outbreak, thanks to a faith charity team.

The Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) teamed up with Bolton’s Urban Outreach to provide more than 35 parcels to people living in Lambeth Close.

Food essentials were distributed door-to-door by AKF branch managers Imran Musa and Aslam Atcha, events coordinator Zubair Valimulla, and 16-year-old volunteer Muhammad Valimulla.

The packs contained long-lasting fruit, vegetables, tinned foods, sugar and tea, and were met with delight by residents ­— many of whom are struggling with social isolation and have difficulty getting essentials during the lockdown in response to the Covid-19 virus.

Mr Valimulla said “We will continue to support the vulnerable in my local area of Blackburn and offer any further assistance as required.

“They are utmost at risk and in need of assistance during this pandemic weaving nationally and globally claiming deaths of many.

“This is a commitment from the charity to help beyond creed and culture and we will stick together and pull through as a nation.”