It's week two of coronavirus lockdown in the UK, and we're already getting itchy feet.

We've exhausted all the covid-19 memes, we've cleaned the house from top to bottom, we've sorted the garden, got rid of all the random items in our 'man drawers', and started those mindfulness colouring books (before discarding them on the coffee table in favour of another Netflix binge).

Despite our efforts to stay sane and occupied, we're still craving vital communication with friends and family - even more so now than we ever did before.

It might sound strange, but being in lockdown and having our freedom partially removed, has somehow brought us closer together.

People are communicating more with their families, whether in self-isolation or at home with kids, and the Whatsapp group chats are slowly turning into group video chats, as people begin to crave face-to-face interaction.

Here at the Lancashire Telegraph we're in the same boat as you. Some of our reporters are at home alone, some are home schooling their kids, and some are looking after elderly relatives - but we're all finding different ways of communicating with our loved ones through this tough time.

So, what we want to know then, is how are our readers staying in touch with their friends and families?

What inventive ways have you devised to communicate with those people in your inner circle?

Are you using Facetime, House Party or Whatsapp video chat?

Are you having virtual dinner parties or date nights?

Have you set up a virtual book club or gaming group?

Are you using Tik Tok to keep the humour alive between your mates?

Whatever constructive, inventive or interesting ways you're staying in contact with people, we want to know.

Send your pictures and videos, with a little bit about yourself and where in East Lancashire you are by clicking on Send Us Your News on our website, or inbox us on Facebook.