A MUM has shared photos of herself hospitalised with suspected coronavirus, begging people to stay at home to slow the spread.

Helen Ducker, who runs the Mother Ducker cake shop at the Last Drop Village in Bromley Cross, shared her experience in a public post on Facebook.

The mum-of-two was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital by ambulance on Friday night, being put into an isolation pod as soon as she arrived.

The post from Saturday afternoon read: "Last night I was taken by ambulance into the care of the amazing NHS with suspected Covid 19.

"Now I’m a bit of a tough nut as I’m very used to being in and out of hospitals, however I’m bricking it.

"My husband Nick left the house only briefly to get supplies until we could arrange to get everything delivered.

"We wipe down everything that comes into the house - post, tins, packets, everything.

"I’ve done everything right yet the damage had been done prior to me locking myself away."

Mrs Ducker has since been moved to a side ward, and said that a consultant had told her the critical care unit were made aware of her condition in case she deteriorated quickly.

She had been self-isolating for over a week, describing herself as "high risk" from the deadly virus due to pre-existing health conditions.

Her symptoms began over a week ago with extreme fatigue, headaches around her eyes, and a scratchy throat.

She started to feel better before her symptoms returned worse than ever, with a dry cough, hallucination-inducing fever, and muscle pain.

She has urged everyone to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus as the UK prepares for the outbreak to hit its peak.