A WOMAN who appeared in court on Monday for wasting police time was arrested again the following day after turning up at Burnley police station shouting abuse.

Blackburn magistrates heard Collette Williams was told to leave but she continued to cause problems at the bus station.

At one stage she removed her top and was told to cover herself before being arrested.

Williams, 52, of Belgrave Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive behaviour. She was fined £40 and ordered to pay £32 victim surcharge.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting, said police were concerned that their resources were being used dealing with the defendant in the current situation.

He said she turned up at Burnley police station at 1.15 pm, shouting abuse and swearing. She was asked to leave but shortly after was seen at the bus station where she persisted in her behaviour.

"She was again told to move along but continued to be abusive and was eventually arrested," said Mr Bardsley.

Mark Williams, defending, said his client was extremely unwell with her mental health. He said she was arrested in February for similar matters and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for 28 days.

"Her demeanour today is no better than it was then, in fact, if anything it is worse," said Mr Williams. "I spent 15 minutes with her today and very little of what she said made any sense whatsoever. She went to the police station not to antagonise them but believing they would help her."