More than 100 fines have been issued over the weekend to people breaking coronavirus rules.

Police across the county handed out 123 fixed penalty notices to people breaking government advice and guidelines, including 26 in East Lancashire.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Thank you to the vast majority of people across Lancashire who have been sticking to the government advice to stay at home and only travel when essential.

"We have been patrolling areas across the county and where we have seen people breaking the rules, we have issued fines.

"Over the weekend, we have issued 123 fixed penalty notices as a result.

"Our contact management department has received a number of COVID-19 related calls, with the majority related to concerns from members of the public about house parties taking place, public gatherings and if it is appropriate for a business to be open.

"We continue to urge everyone to stay home and save lives."

On Friday evening Blackburn Police confirmed 25 people had been fined for not staying inside and venturing outside with no valid reason.

A spokesman said: "Blackburn have tonight been patrolling Blackburn, Darwen and Hynburn to ensure people are keeping to the social distancing and staying indoors to protect our NHS.

"During the night, the vast majority stayed indoors but the message wasn't heard by all and 25 fixed penalty notices have had to be handed out."

On Sunday, police fined a man for ignoring social distancing rules by being drunk in public.

Burnley Police approached the man who had been drinking and was relaxing outside.

A spokesperson for the police said on Sunday: "This person thought it was okay to relax outdoors whilst extremely drunk.

"This is not what we would deem to be exercise or essential."

Officers in Lancashire will be out patrolling and warned if they see anyone they think is out unnecessarily, will be asking why they're not at home.

The spokesperson added: "We’ll engage, explain and encourage but if we need to enforce, we will.

"Don’t risk a fine. Please follow the stay at home rules here and only go out for one of the specified reasons.

"If you want to exercise - walk, jog or cycle from home."

People are only allowed out if they are shopping for essentials, medicine, aiding a vulnerable person, attending essential work, and one form of exercise.