There are now 12 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Blackburn with Darwen.

New figures are released at 2pm covering a 24 hour period, and as of 2pm on Sunday, the borough now has two new cases.

Local authorities in Lancashire now have 231 and Blackpool still has 10.

This takes the total for the whole of Lancashire to 253 confirmed cases.

There are 1,536 confirmed cases in the North West.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Dr Jenny Harries said it could be another six months until things start to get back to normal for the UK, with social distancing measures lifted gradually.

Figures released on Sunday showed new cases in the UK had risen by 2,433 in 24 hours, with 209 new deaths confirmed.

There has now been a total of 1,228 deaths in the UK out of 19,522 confirmed cases.

In England, the number of confirmed cases is 16,487, with 1,125 reported coronavirus related deaths.

As of 9am on 29 March 2020, a total of 127,737 people had been tested, of which 108,215 were confirmed negative and 19,522 were confirmed positive.

The figures continue to rise despite the government's lockdown, which has given police power to fine people £60 if they are outside with no valid reason.

Dr Harries said the country is expected to reach a peak number of cases by Easter, which falls on April 12.

Speaking at the daily press conference on Sunday, Dr Harries said: "For all of us it's taken quite some time to get used to this new way of living.

"As a population we have evidence that we are getting better at this as we go through.

"Those measures have now been in place solidly for a week or two we need another couple of weeks to see that through.

"We will review where we are in three weeks and see if we've had an impact on the slope of that curve.

"To make it clear to the public, if we are successful we will have squashed the top of that curve which is brilliant.

"But, we must not the suddenly revert to our normal way of living., if we stop all of our efforts will be wasted and we could see a second peak.

"Over the next six months we will have a three week review to see where we are going, and then gradually we will be able to adjust some of the social distancing measures.

"So, three weeks for review, and then two to three months to see whether we've squashed it, but I think then three to six months to see when we could get back to normal."