POLICE have handed out fines to those ignoring social distancing rules.

Blackburn Police confirmed 25 people have been fined for not staying inside and venturing outside with no valid reason.

A spokesman for the police said: "Blackburn have tonight been patrolling Blackburn, Darwen and Hynburn to ensure people are keeping to the social distancing and staying indoors to protect our NHS.

"During the night, the vast majority stayed indoors but the message wasn't heard by all and 25 fixed penalty notices have had to be handed out.

"We shall be out again tonight as a team looking to engage, educate and if necessary, enforce."

People on Facebook responded to the post, with Ali Maggie Taylor, saying: "Thank you for everything, people are acting like their on holiday while key workers like you and myself still go out to work. Get them to go home"

Sandra Lambert Jones said: "Well done. We need this in Darwen too. People need to understand the severity of this and stay at home. "Think of your family, because I guarantee you will when they are no longer here."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given police the power to enforce fines of £30 for those ignoring the advice.

People are only allowed out if they are shopping for essentials, medicine, aiding a vulnerable person, attending essential work, and one form of exercise.