POLICE have issued a warning to vandals who have been leaving tacks and nails on a busy Ribble Valley to stop.

Officers from Ribble Valley Police posted on their Facebook page about concerns for motorists driving along Mitton Road in Whalley.

It comes a week after the Lancashire Telegraph reported about a driver discovering hundreds on roof tacks on the roads including nearly 200 between Calderstones and the bridge.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Firstly I want to reassure you we are working hard to find the person or persons responsible but it has come to light that this has not only been affecting members of the public but also our NHS staff who are utilising the various NHS premises within that area.

“At present our amazing NHS staff are facing a significant challenge and the last thing they need right now is their vehicles being damaged and not being in a position to get into work to support their colleagues and provide care to the public.

“Please can we ask whoever is responsible to think about who they may be affecting at this difficult time.”

Dawn Hamish has been frustrated by needing to have her tyres replaced.

She said: “My tyres were £140 each and because of where the nails went in they had to be replaced and two of them were new tyres the repairs were £22 each

“I didnt know two of them were in my tyre until it failed the MOT.

“I think its been going on longer than we first thought. I think its disgusting because somebody could get hurt if they have a blow out!

“I actually have never seen any police about and I go up and down Mitton Road at least four times a day.

“Totally I feel for everyone we have enough on our plates without this mindless nonsense going on.

“Whoever is doing it must have a serious lack of empathy to think that acting this way will achieve anything”

Cllr Mark Hindle who represents the area on Ribble Valley Council said: "I have been in contact with the police and involved with it for a long time.

"I am disgusted that someone would think of putting other people's lives at risk and danger on a popular stretch of road.

"This road is used by NHS staff accessing the hospital nearby, and someone is going to be seriously injured or worse if they do not put a stop to it. It is scandalous and how anyone could stoop to this level and why they are doing it I don't know."