A leading firefighter has issued a harsh warning to people who continue to flout government laws on the coronavirus lockdown.

Watch Manager Daniel Gorton who leads Hyndburn's White Watch said people are still not getting the message about congregating in groups, after his crews attended several bonfires and 'neighbour parties' on Thursday night.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: "We went out about three or four times last night between 8pm and 10pm to a number of bonfires.

"At one incident there were about 10 people gathering and another had about five.

"One of the bonfires we went to was more of a neighbours party, with people in the back garden."

WM Gorton said his crews extinguished the fires and instructed the groups about the error of their ways but was worried their warnings would fall on deaf ears.

He continued: "We couldn't really do much more than telling them to stop having bonfires.

"We tried to explain to them that they need to start respecting the government's advice before more people end up dying, but I don't think some people are taking this seriously.

"There's large groups of youths still congregating together as well, as we saw some out and about in Accrington.

"There's not much we can do as firefighters but we've had to call the police a couple of times."

Meanwhile, in Burnley, crews saw similar things along Piccadilly Road.

A spokesperson for Burnley fire station said: "The police were called but the people just don't seem to be interested.

"They tried to get them inside their houses but they just hurled abuse at the officers.

"Some people just aren't getting it and they need to realise their behaviour isn't helping the situation."

WM Gorton added: "We just want to put the message out to please, please follow the government's advice and adhere to the rules as it's going to save a lot of lives.

"We're still seeing too many people that aren't taking this seriously."