A Blackburn charity has been assisting those most in need during the coronavirus crisis.

SteppingStones is a registered charity and is aiming to partner with a range of local organisations in order to ensure that the most vulnerable communities have access to basic food and non-food items.

The CEO of the charity, Omar Hanif said, “We are also talking to other local organisations to see how we can assist and support low income families and those living below the poverty line.”

“We believe now is the time for solidarity and we hope that the general public will lend a helping hand to the most vulnerable people in our communities. With the community’s support, we can lighten the burden of those in most need.”

The non-profit registered charity has in the past assisted communities overseas in South America.

Omar added, “However, last year we initiated a homeless project whereby we would go out on the streets and attend to the needs of those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

“Since then, we have, on some occasions, worked in partnership with a reputable organisation that helps the homeless called Community Spirit which is led by Neil Mistry.”