A BLACKBURN mosque is playing its part in supporting the local community throughout the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

Clergy and worshippers at Masjid E-Raza Mosque on Balaclava Street have become central to delivering food and medical supplies to vulnerable members of the community.

They are also offering child support and phone conversations to those at risk of loneliness.

Mosque President Abdul Adam said: “What we’re doing with regard to the Coronavirus is we’ve set up a volunteer group to provide essential services.

“We’ve teamed up with pharmacies, take-aways and local shops to provide people with the support they need.”

He added: “There’s a lot of people in the community who require help, especially elderly people who may be living alone or whose children may have moved away to London, Birmingham or wherever.”

The mosque, which has 800 members, is also affiliated to the Noorani Education Centre, which Mr Adam also heads, and is in close contact with elderly members of the community.

Mr Adam said: “As soon as the extent of the virus became clear last week, we sat down with a group of volunteers and set this up.

He added: “It’s open to everybody, so its for anyone who rings up and needs help.”

The support group has found members of the community to be generous with donations but is still welcoming new volunteers.

Mr Adam has also pledged his and his group’s support for the Lancashire Telegraphs’ campaign to support our NHS during this crisis.

He said: “They are our heros and they are in the front line so everybody should come together to donate and do all they can.”

To support the campaign go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-our-guardian-angels.

For information of volunteering with Masjid E-Raza contact Mr Adam on 07470 925288.