AN elderly couple are spending self-isolation having date nights at home to lift their spirits.

Peter and Kathleen Watkins, of Pleckgate Road, Blackburn, are not able to leave their house due to the coronavirus lockdown.

But they have found a way to keep themselves occupied and enjoy each other’s company by having the date nights.

Mrs Watkins, 79 came up with the idea to dress up, wear make-up, and have a nice meal with drinks as if they were going out.

She said: “We are going to be stuck here for two months so I thought, once a week, we will dress up like we are going out and eat together.

“I put on a dress I would have worn on holiday in Spain if we had gone.

“Peter asked when we were going to meet and where, it was quite funny.

“Once a week I am going to get dressed up and put my make-up on and have a nice meal.

“I made a pie and some cake, then we had some gin and tonic together in one room, then I set the table in a different room where we had dinner.”

Their grand-daughter put the pictures up on Facebook and the post got many positive comments.

Mrs Watkins said: “It’s something to do and I read all the lovely comments, I really did not think it would go this far.

“We cannot go out, as I have a chest problem and Peter has a heart condition, so we needed to self-isolate.

“I have even started planning next Sunday for the next date night.

“We’ve had quite a few laughs about it and it made me feel really good reading all those comments.”

Mr Watkins, 82, and his wife are usually very active, with Mrs Watkins taking part in dance classes in Clitheroe.

She also performs as a singer and was due to perform at the Albert Hall in Bolton in a few weeks.

The avid gardener also frequently uses the gym, going on the treadmill, the bike, and the rowing machine.

She said: “I have had a walk around the street and will go out again tomorrow. It is keeping me active.

“I have been cleaning, washing the outdoor furniture, and doing things around the house to keep us busy.

“I have also been introduced to memes, those are quite funny and will keep us going too.

“I will continue this now, making a special effort to dress up, especially now the hairdressers is closed, I never do my own hair.”

Mr and Mrs Watkins have been married for 58 years.