A DISABLED driver fined for parking on a town centre street has accused a council of not posting proper signs making clear the ban on blue badge holders.

Tommy Temperley, 58, left his Mercedes car on Lord Street West in Blackburn unaware that restrictions had changed.

Now he is campaigning to get the signs improved as he fears other disabled drivers could have been similarly caught out.

Blackburn with Darwen Council maintains the signage on the street is clear and adequate.

Mr Temperley, who has severe rheumatoid arthritis and several replacement joints, parked on the road on February 19 as he had done frequently before when it was permitted for blue badge holders.

He was stunned to get a fixed penalty notice parking ticket for £70 and promptly appealed it to the council.

After his appeal was turned down he paid the reduced rate of £35 for prompt payment.

Mr Temperley, of Whinney Lane in Lammack, said: “I am a disabled driver and have a blue badge. I have always been able to park on Lord Street West.

“I was angry and frustrated to get a parking ticket and even more so when my appeal was rejected. There are no proper road markings or signs to make clear blue badge holders can no longer park there.

“There is only one sign outside that states no parking and loading only outside the Bees Knees. By law if it is a no parking area there should be more signage and road marking. I am sure they have booked many other disabled drivers who have fallen into what looks like a trap.

“If the council are going to restrict the road beforehand they should complete the road markings, etc, to enforce it.

“I am going to take this up with my local councillors. I am not going to let it rest as a matter of principle.

“It looks like the council has done this to collect fines. It just does not seem fair.”

A council spokeswoman said: “Lord Street West is a restricted zone and as such requires entry and exit signs. All relevant signage on this street is in place therefore the fixed penalty notice has been upheld.”