SOME of us are working from home while social distancing, others are in self-isolation with nothing to do and while we should be grateful to be safe, many of us are experiencing boredom like never before.

Suddenly, all people seem to want to do is to leave the house, but since this is the only thing we shouldn’t do, here are some ideas to keep the boredom at bay.

1. Read books

Lancashire Telegraph:

This is a relatively easy and yet productive thing to do. Reading is not just for when there is nothing to do, and many of us love reading even without a virus looming over us.

Finally getting around to opening the books which have been sat atop the bookshelf collecting dust for a few years.

While libraries may be closed, amazon are still doing deliveries for now, and when they stop, there is always the option to download reading materials on kindles and other tech devices.

For reading inspiration, ask friends and family and even google what they recommend.

2. Netflix Watch Party

Lancashire Telegraph:

If you’re not into reading and prefer to get some screen time, then a Netflix watch party with friends and family is perfect for this.

With a google chrome extension you can download and watch pretty much anything in sync with each other and as a bonus there is a messaging option, so you can talk while watching.

To download it simple type it into google to see the numerous ways.

If you’re stuck on what to watch, follow the documentaries from one about a cat killer, to shows like The Good Place – a comedic take on the afterlife, The Office, and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine.

3. Exercise

Lancashire Telegraph:

Gyms are now closed but there is no reason why you still can’t stay in shape with a home workout.

If you need one for the youngsters of the house, then Joe Wicks has you covered every morning.

For yourself, clear out the garage or make room inside for some morning or evening planned sessions.

YouTube has plenty to offer, and gyms around East Lancashire may be offering online classes for people who are in self-isolation.

4. Learn a language

There is plenty of time to start learning a completely new language.

This is not the easiest option but will reward you later on when we can start travelling again and is a good way to learn new cultures.

If the duolingo app is not for you, then a quick search will find you plenty of resources no matter what language you are attempting.

Friends from different places may also help, and this could lead to making a pen pal somewhere else, giving you plenty to do.

5. Learn a recipe a day

Lancashire Telegraph:

This is certainly a challenge given that the ingredients may not be available, but you can make the most of what you have and cook up new dishes.

Start the challenge by making one new dish a day, it does not have to be a lot and it can be dessert, dinner or even breakfast.

By the end of it you might become a pro chef have learnt so many new culinary tastes to wow your friends and family when we get out of quarantine.

6. Write a novel

For the wordsmiths who have been saying they are going to write a novel for the last five years, now is your chance.

Clear a space, fill up on some coffee, and start writing. If the inspiration is lacking then read other books to help, or even take up a writing challenge.

Take the first line of an existing book and write your own scene to help prompt some ideas, and maybe when you’ve written a chapter read it aloud on the phone to someone else in self-isolation.

7. Spring Cleaning

Lancashire Telegraph:

This might sound boring, but when else will we have all this time do ensure our homes look tidy and de-cluttered?

If you were planning on cleaning out the spare room, the garage, or even your own wardrobe, then now is the perfect time to do it.

Put on some tunes and give your home the fresh spring feel, and maybe get everybody involved with a task to complete by the end of the week.

Make it fun for children too with points for every chore completed adding up to hours online or their favourite treats.

8. Start a podcast

Being stuck inside may be boring, but you can take the opportunity to teach others or even discuss things either about how we are coping or something else entirely.

A quarantine podcast might help you connect to others in the same situation, you’ll make new friends while also getting ideas on different ways to entertain children.

You might even want to search for some podcasts to listen to, there are podcasts on language, education, health, lifestyle and just about anything you might be interested in.

These are just a few ideas, and there are still plenty of things to do, whether you want to take up a new hobby such as knitting, or video call friends and family to catch up with.

Let us know how you’re keeping busy by commenting below.