A 38-year-old man who followed a girl into her college classroom and pestered her for her phone number has been jailed.

Malik Yasser Akram also followed another college student home then tried her door handle, Preston Crown Court heard.

He was sentenced to nine months in prison for two counts of harassment.

The court was told how the incidents, which took place between November 29 and December 5, were carried out in breach of a suspended sentence imposed on Akram in September after he had followed a girl through Blackburn town centre at 11.25pm, asked for her number and kissed her shoulder.

Prosecuting, Francis McEntee said: "Against that background we have incidents with two other young females.

"On November 29, a young girl was approached by Akram as she was coming home from St Mary's College in Blackburn.

"She managed to return home but was disturbed by the handle of her front door being checked.

"She described being scared, so phoned her father.

"The following day, the defendant returned to the property while the girl's father and brother were outside working.

"He began peering through the window and said to her brother 'it's good to know there's a woman in the house'.

"The defendant was then challenged about why he was there and said he wanted to talk with the victim's father about a car.

"The second victim was approached on December 5 as she walked close to Blackburn College.

"Akram began chatting to her and asked if she was on a beauty course.

"When she told him no he said she was beautiful and asked for her phone number."

Mr McEntee told the court Akram persisted with his requests for the girl's number, asking her to write it down.

She returned to the college but the defendant followed her into the building.

Mr McEntee said: "He asked the victim what her parents would say if they knew she had been with an older man, and asked her for a hug.

"She then noticed that he'd followed her to the classroom and was holding up a piece of paper so she could write her number down." The court heard other students became aware of what was going on and as he left Akram was heard to say 'I'll see you tomorrow'.

Mr McEntee added: "He was arrested and accepted what he'd done but there was a lack of understanding that his actions were hugely inappropriate and had made the victim feel uncomfortable.

"He has convictions for several offences including being convicted for breaching a previous restraining order."

Defending, Anna Chestnut said her client misunderstood how serious all the incidents were.

She said: "He is a practising Muslim and wants to abide by the rules of Islam and lead a blame-free life, and this has been a learning experience for him but there's still learning to be done."

Judge Beverley Lunt said: "Your behaviour was persistent, uncalled for and caused those girls real distress.

"You committed these offences only two months after being given a suspended sentence for a similar offence.

"There have also been incidents during your rehabilitation days towards female staff which have been inappropriate."

Akram, of St James's Road, Blackburn was also handed a five-year restraining order preventing him from going within 10 metres of both colleges.