A mum-of-five has been left outraged after seeing single packets of baby wipes selling on eBay for more than £10.

The Blackburn mum, who did not wish to be named, said she's disgusted at the actions of some sellers who she feels are trying to cash in on the current coronavirus situation.

The wipes she uses on her one-year-old son, are Johnson's Cotton Touch Extra Sensitive wipes, which she says are the only wipes that don't affect his skin.

But after finding most places had sold out, she was left gobsmacked when she saw someone online selling one single packet (which contains 56 wipes), for £12.47.

She told the Lancashire Telegraph: "We only use Johnson's Cotton Touch Extra Sensitive, and have done since birth.

"My son can't have any other wipes. I have tried most other brands and they have made his bottom really sore.

"Everywhere seems to have sold out now though so I have had to use different ones, which is making his skin really red and sore.

"I used to buy them from Amazon at £18 for 18 packets, or I'd go to Asda and get 10 packets for £12, but I haven't been able to get them from anywhere."

She said she then saw 18 packets of the wipes selling on ebay for £31.51, but was too late with her bid as by the time she went to buy them they'd sold out.

The upset mum said she then saw a single pack selling for £12.47.

She added: "The wipes are selling at silly prices on ebay and its disgusting.

"It's not fair, they're robbing people and making money off people who are already struggling through all of this coronavirus stuff.

"It's outrageous."

Further investigation by the Telegraph found 18 packets of the wipes selling for £57.44 on eBay, which is three times as much as the mum was paying on Amazon.

We also found 12 packs of the wipes selling for £29.99, which is still more than she would ordinarily pay, with another seller placing four packets of the wipes on auction, with a starting price of £10, plus £5 postage and packing.

Amazon had none of the wipes available for sale.