Twin brothers have taken the idea of painting rainbow pictures to a whole new level.

Oliver and Bradley Yates, nine, decided to help brighten the days of their neighbours by not only painting a huge rainbow in their front window, but by covering the family car in rainbows too.

The twins, who would normally attend Ashleigh Primary in Darwen, are staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak, and with the help of their mum, Vicky, they decorated their car with brightly coloured rainbows, handprints, and words of support, telling people to 'keep smiling'.

Grandad, Alan Walton, said: "I love how Oliver and Bradley came up with the idea of putting rainbows and handprints on the family car.

"It looks brilliant and hopefully it will give some folks a smile when they see it, God knows we need that right now.

"Some folks have already said they would like theirs doing in a similar design."

The idea of painting rainbow pictures and putting them in the windows of homes quickly spread on social media over the weekend after a post suggested it might help brighten some people's day.

Youngsters were encouraged to put pen to paper while they stay at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus, and displaying them in the window would give other families something to look out for while they stretch their legs on their daily walk.

Mr Walton added: "Vicky is a bit worried it won't come off, but it's only face paint so it should be fine."

Posting on social media, Mrs Yates said: "Phil Yates how do like your new car?

"Just hoping it will wash off, good job you're not having to use it for a while.

"Keep smiling everyone and stay safe."