A CHARITY is looking for volunteers to help distribute groceries and aid the vulnerable during the coronavirus breakout.

Rise Charity based in Blackburn and run by Amer Ansar, a Nelson chartered accountant for KPMG, is looking to help the vulnerable and elderly people in self-isolation.

The accountant’s mum died of cancer in 2018 which prompted him to set up the charity to honour her memory.

Mr Ansar said; “My mum was my best friend and I was depressed after her death.

“My mother never walked away from a person without helping them.

“With all my money I could not save her as the doctor told me they could not do anything more.”

During the current coronavirus pandemic, the 32-year-old is looking to offer vulnerable people in self-isolation any help they may need.

The team have made a poster offering the help as well as looking for 40 needy families a 24 pack of toilet paper.

The leaflet distributed asks what they would like help with, such as collecting prescriptions, groceries, a pre-cooked meals and food pack, or anything else they need help with.

Mr Ansar said: “We thought, how can people self-isolate without the necessities?

“I have forty packs of toilet rolls among other things we would like to give to those in self-isolation who need it.

“We want to reach more people and more areas, so we are looking for more volunteers to help distribute items in their areas.

“If there are people such as the elderly and homeless then we would like to help.”

The accountant set the charity up in April last year and operates on a 100% donation policy.

Previously, his work has seen him travel to Uganda, where they donated clothes and school books among other things.

As the quarantine period brings people to consider helping others, Mr Ansar urges people in his community to do what they can for the people who are too vulnerable to go out.

He said: “I want to give people the opportunity to do good in the community, because I realised charity also starts from home.

“There will be lots of isolated people so we are trying to do what we can, but we need more volunteers in areas such as Blackburn, Burnley and Accrington.”

Mr Ansar says the charity has benefited from the support of others such as Fast Flash Productions, who have followed him and photographed him for no charge over the year.

To donate, volunteer, or ask for help with Rise Charity, please visit their Facebook page Rise Support, or email info@risesupport.org.uk