A MAN and woman face significant custodial sentences after admitting to robbing a 65-year-old deaf woman as she pulled a trolley down the street.

Burnley Crown Court heard how John Greenwood and Danielle Yamana Apostoloff Boyarin robbed victim Pamela Evans of her handbag in Accrington on February 2.

Prosecuting, Stephen Parker said when asked by police during interview if he had robbed Ms Evans, Greenwood responded by saying: “Too right.”

Mr Parker said: “He said he and his co-defendant saw an elderly lady on the street pulling a trolley. He asked her the time and he said she was deaf. It was then that he robbed her.”

Mr Parker said it was not the prosecution’s case that the two defendants targeted Ms Evans because she was deaf, but by Greenwood’s own confession in interview they robbed her even after they had learned she was.

Greenwood, 46, of Hythe Close, Blackburn, and Boyarin, 24, of Commercial Street, Bacup, pleaded guilty to a single charge of robbery.

In a statement read out in court, Ms Evans' sister said: “Pamela was very shocked by the robbery and remained shocked for the rest of the day. She wasn’t well enough to go to work that day. She has not stopped talking about the robbery since it happened.

“She is really depressed, as am I on her behalf.”

Defending Greenwood, Bob Sastry said: “I should make it clear the defence case is that Mr Greenwood approached the victim, he asked her the time and she waved him away and didn’t speak to him at that stage. He then concluded though she may be deaf and went on to rob her anyway. He didn’t know she was deaf.”

Defending Boyarin, Keith Harrison said: “My client specifically says she was unaware this lady was deaf or had hearing difficulties.”

Judge Richard Gioserano adjourned sentencing until Thursday to see if Ms Evans wished to make a victim impact statement.

Remanding Boyarin and Greenwood into custody until their sentencing hearing, Judge Gioserano said it was important Ms Evans was given the option of providing a victim personal statement.

He said: “You have both pleaded guilty to a very serious offence and you will get credit for that in due course. I know you both expected to be sentenced today but unfortunately it’s just not been possible.

"It may well be that this victim personal statement from Pamela Evans – if it comes – does you no harm when it comes to sentence.”